Himalaya Eco Development Company Pvt Ltd

Himalaya Eco-development Company (HEDCO) is the infrastructure and construction company that is undertaking the overall development of all the projects in Kumaon region. The company name was chosen and registered as we seriously intend to work with an ‘eco and environment friendly’ approach. The company has been in operation in Kumaon for over five years and also participates in local community building programs in the region.


The team is a mix of young and experienced entrepreneurs who have varied experience  that includes real estate, technology, hospitality, social entrepreneurship.  And they all share a high passion for hills living.  The team is well traveled with a good global perspective that reflects in its design philosophy of building contemporary, simple and  low environment  impact hill homes that blend with natural surroundings.  Sanjeev Joon, a technology and business entrepreneur ties the whole team together. He splits this time between Delhi and Hills. He can be reached at sanjeev.joon@gmail.com .


We believe in blending with our surroundings and we believe in aligning our thinking to the local communities we work with. Our designs reflect our philosophy. For all our projects, we have taken care to preserve the natural surroundings and use local material and resources as much as possible. We have integrated well with the local population. We work with them on many local issues and participate in local activities. We have involved the local community as much as possible in our projects.

Long term, we plan to set up multiple programs that will make a positive difference to the lives of all – the poor, the elderly, the youth, the women and children of the surrounding villages. And for that we are looking for like-minded individuals to participate in this project. If you have any ideas or a specific skill that can benefit the local community and wish to contribute, please discuss with us.

Everyone’s contribution counts…!!